Do You Also Exist In The Anti Matter Universe? Where Is It?

I have examined the presence of your “Likely Selves” in plausible or what I at times allude to resemble universes in a new article. I have examined your reality in other “Concurrent Selves” in your natural present world, I have talked about the presence of your “Reincarnational Selves” in what you would consider previous existences and I have talked about your fantasy self.

Before you get excessively wrecked with the information on the numerous parts of your entire self or Soul, lets not fail to remember the self that lives in the Counter Matter universe. For those of you who are confounded, there are numerous past articles that can be tracked down here endeavoring to make sense of the presence of and the purpose for the numerous character parts of the entire self or on the other hand assuming you like, the spirit.

The entire self can be alluded to as the Spirit, and I at times underwrite Soul for the people who wouldn’t comprehend the God-like characteristics and desires of the Spirit. I do it to help or the unbelievable extension to remember a limitless energy presence that can carry on with many lives all the while through it’s numerous characters nevertheless keep up with its equilibrium and presence in its own multi-layered reality. Before you start to get a sensation of unimportance considering what I have said with respect to spirits and their various characters, maybe it would be smarter to say that you have your very own spirit, which is then a piece of the oversoul.

On the off chance that we aren’t cautious here we can get hindered with words and semantics. One reason is that there basically aren’t satisfactory words to make sense of a portion of these ideas that begin in different aspects, so we need to make do and in this manner, at times lose something in the recounting the story.

In this article, I need to additionally make sense of the presence of the universe of hostile to issue or the universe of negative matter which is to some degree more straightforward to make sense of than against issue. For this article then, at that point, against issue is equivalent to negative matter and you could say that either are “untouchable” for you regarding contact for a long time to come.

You truly do approach the information and shrewdness of your reincarnational selves, your likely selves and your synchronous selves, and your dreaming self, particularly in the fantasy state. I would dare to guarantee that in your fantasies, you generally dislike the assistance of your plausible selves who themselves in their own existence framework have managed comparable issues, that they loan a mental hand to you unwittingly and you to them. There is a mental seep through of this future university supportive information between layered frameworks. Your experience may likewise help them in the event that they end up in a comparative need and this supportive data will be moved in the dreaming state.

There are different parts of you that you are absolutely uninformed about and I have not addressed this yet, essentially not in any profundity, just on the grounds that it will undoubtably embarrass your mind in attempting to grasp it, however I will soon likewise examine the presence of your future selves.

You don’t experience to much difficulty embracing the idea of “past reincarnational selves” despite the fact that you may not be entirely persuaded of the authenticity of the idea, however could you at any point mentally manage the idea of presence of your future selves living at this point? I trust in this way, since we will go there in a destined to be distributed article, however for the present, lets continue ahead with the main job, the conversation of the universe of hostile to issue and why it varies such a huge amount from the acknowledgment of your other character viewpoints that are to some degree accessible to you through internal intuitional acknowledgment.